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“I began working with Rob during the time of USA COVID-19 lockdown and for a solid few months I went from crazed, frenzied and anxious to excited, focused and energetic. He helped me with the tools to create some of my greatest wishes in record time. Thanks Rob” 


Tia Hanna, Owner at Green Bow Music

Carmen Jimenez

Tom Moench

Tim Gallagher

Robert is a brilliantly effective and enlightened coach, who really makes amazing things happen. It is very inspiring to be working with him on the wide range of goals, both personal and professional that I want to accomplish over the coming years. His coaching and mentorship have a very personal feel, that is generated by the unique energy and focus he brings to our work. He provides many insights into how to interrupt patterns of behavior that no longer serve the goals I want to accomplish. The coaching then provides rock solid and clearly defined techniques for replacing them with more successful and dynamic ways of being that generate action and produce the desired outcomes” 

Marcus Robinson, World-Renowned Videographer/Photographer

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