I’m Coach Deetz

I am Robert Diaz (though friends & family affectionately refer to me as Deetz), family man, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, musician, avid runner and an overall BadAss enjoyer of Life!!





After graduating college and working a few years in the corporate world I decided it was time to Blaze my own path through Life. I started a building maintenance company from the ground up and turned it into a multi million dollar business…but that wasn’t enough.

Next, I decided it was time to make a living including the things I Love most in Life…Music and serving my fellow man. Since partnering with my guitar instructor we built arguably the most successful music school in all New Jersey known as The Music Academy in Toms River, now serving over 400 families.

But it was when I decided to get coaching is when my Life went into overdrive and I found my calling. I loved being coached (and still do) so I began studying Co-Active Coaching and Leadership with The Coaches Training Institute, and then Advanced Skills Training with Robbins Research International followed by (and still) Advanced Client Systems with the great Steve Chandler.

I now proudly coach and serve clients all over the World and assist them in deciding to Blaze their own path and Enjoying their Journey through Life.

It's time for you to Decide a new path for you or your organization.

Let's declare it to the world and together we'll do what it takes to make it real!